Tomball Potpourri – part 2

The Tomball Potpourri ran a follow-up article about the 1000 Oaks ski event yesterday. It was humbling to read the quote included from Mike Suyderhoud. “It was an eye opening experience to ski with Mike Royal,” he said. “The fact that he can ski at that level without being able to see deserves much praise.”

Suyderhoud actually skied at the venue in , in Vichy, France where the 2009 Disabled World Championships will be held September 3 – 6 about the time I was born. Click here for information about the Yacht Club de Vichy.


One thought on “Tomball Potpourri – part 2

  1. Mike,

    I believe I have your wake vest for repair–

    Do you want to describe it to me? I have about 15 items in the tailor shop for alteration or repair and we lost your address, it just says Mike Royal.


    Larry Solomon
    Eagle Sports

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