Motivational Speaking

So far, my motivational speaking engagements have all been non-paying events. However, this does not mean that my sharing with students, corporations and clubs has not enriched me. I always learn something new about myself when I speak to a crowd. I only hope that the audience takes away something from my presentations. Read on to learn more about one speaking engagement that significantly changed my life.

In the fall of 1998, while training for the New York City marathon, Ricky Cox, my training partner and guide, asked me to talk at THE T’s Fitness Center membership drive. I presented about a 30-minute talk about how athletics and fitness have had such a positive influence in my life. It was one of those, if Mike can do it why can’t you, types of speeches. Maybe a few people joined the Fitness Center that fall, but probably not solely because of my presentation.

As Ricky and I continued to train, I kept asking about Wendy, the young lady that ran THE T’s Fitness Center. After enough asking, and maybe Ricky just making sure I was good enough, Ricky passed on my inquiries to Wendy.

Soon thereafter, Wendy and I started dating. We were married on October 21, 2000.

I cannot guarantee that a motivational speech to your class, corporation or club will have such a life changing impact as the one at THE T. What do you have to lose? Contact me, and who knows, maybe it will change your life!

After hearing that Mike was planning to run the New York City Marathon, the Dallas/Fort Worth Fox affiliate became interested and decided to film a news segment about Mike’s experience. As a result of this news story, the affiliate won the Edwin R. Murrow award. To view the video, either use the embedded YouTube video below, or click here to run the video directly from YouTube.