Royal Boat Crew

In front of any good water skier is an even better boat crew. I am lucky to have The Royal Family Boat Crew pulling my training sessions.

The Royal Boat Crew

Wendy has mastered the art of driving the slalom course, arming the Bat Blaster exactly at the pre-gate buoys, juggling snacks and drinks all while resolving any sibling disagreements that might arise. Wendy loves that I am skiing better, but is still adjusting to the added task of shortening the rope.

Taylor helps to keep me balanced, reminding me that you can swim and jump on the trampoline as well as ski at the lake.

Taylor and Eric on trampoline - cropped

Hearing Eric cheer “Go Daddy Go” during the island turns puts a smile on my face. Post skiing, Eric’s replay commentary makes us all laugh, especially, when he imitates my scream because 5 ball was missed.

Eric and Taylor

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Taylor has also been water skiing – check out the video. To view the video, either use the embedded YouTube video below, or click here to run the video directly from YouTube.