Mike skiing on his 9800.

In May 2009, I became a member of TEAM GOODE. All the fine folks at Goode Ski Technologies are helping me get the latest cutting edge GOODE equipment to compete on at the 2009 Disabled World Championships.

Check back to see how I am doing on my GOODE 9900SL and PowerShell 5 Boots.

Click here to see a feature about my world record in June 4, 2009 GOODE Newsletter.

First GOODE Experience

In the spring of 2007, I started skiing on a GOODE 9800SL and PowerShell 4 Boots. At this time, I had not skied for over 20 months because I was recovering from a knee surgery. I had blown out my left knee as a result of a jump crash. Cadaver Achilles tendons where used to reconstruct my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), while my MCL only needed to be stitched back together. The doctor did not think I would ski again and rehab awarded me with the honor of being one of the worse injuries for the year.

While my injury did not occur during slalom skiing, I feared getting back on my slalom ski with rubber boots. My concern was having only my right foot come out of the binding leaving my left leg to absorb the force of a hard fall. Being right foot forward, I tried a rear toe strap, but did not feel like I had as much control over my old slalom ski.

Getting my first PowerShells with two hard boots on a single plate gave me better control of the ski and alleviated my concern about having my left leg trapped during a hard fall. During a fall, both boots release on a single plate. Yes, I have tested the release process many times.